Blackboard Learn “is a web-based LMS that’s used in both academic and business environments to help students and employees improve their learning experience.” ( You can use any types of theory as well as a model for teaching online courses.  The reason is that black board is open, flexible, and centered on the student’s achievement.  It helps student learn and support their education.  At the same time, we will see that blackboard is the same thing as teaching face to face.

Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform that helps instructors manage and organize educational materials online and conduct online courses. Learning management systems help streamline the learning process by providing a central location for accessing materials online and developing content. LMS software is used by K-12 schools, higher education institutions, school districts, etc.

LMS software benefits administrators, teachers, and students. Students and teachers can access and upload course material such as calendars, syllabi, assignments, and grades. LMS platforms also allow instructors and administrators to track student progress on an individual basis and at the aggregate level. This software also helps minimize the use of paper materials and supports remote learning.

Learning management systems (LMS) are developed to improve learner engagement and execute remote learning efforts. Universities, schools, and other institutions can offer online or hybrid classes using an LMS. What’s more, many of these platforms include advanced features to manage students, facilitate collaboration, and more.

I’m a Special Education teacher of students ages of 3-5 and during this time, I’m teaching my students online and in person.  I’m somewhat familiar with this platform.  I use google classroom and google slides to teach my students.


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“Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows professors to post grades, information, and assignments online.” ( This is mostly used by colleges and university. 

The instructors can create and share some course content such as:

  • Assignment 
  • Discussions
  • Modules
  • Quizzes
  • Pages.

Also they can decide to foster a collaborative learning experience by using

  • Collaboration 
  • Conferences
  • Groups.

This can be depending on the settings where the students can access these area in Canvas to find learning materials and interact with other users.

“An LMS (learning management system) provides all the essential tools schools need to support efficient teaching and learning.” ( What is the benefits on having LMS for schools and universities?  The benefits are:

·  Boosts student engagement and achievement

·  Teachers save time in daily teaching activities

·  Track student progress easily at each learning stage

·  Enabling students to learn at their own pace

·  Reduces costs for classroom facilities and consumables

As I was doing these research on canvas and blackboard, I was thinking about the students that I teach and their parents who don’t speak English.  I work with students who are autistic and most of parents are Spanish.  My question is does these programs are in Spanish?  

As we know the language default for Canvas is in English.  However, a teacher can choose to view the Canvas in another language.  The instructor has options to change the language preference for the course.  If someone is in enroll in a course where the instructor has made this changes the course will override the default setting.

So what about about Blackboard?  Do they have the same option as Canvas?  As I was looking at blackboard website,  I saw that blackboard have different languages with language packagesI have to set the language packs at three level which is system, course level and user.  The system level is where the school defines or decides the one language package as their default. For course level, “instructors can set a different language pack.” (   For user level, this is were the individual can pick their own language packs.  This mean that the parents have to pick the user level.


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During this course I learned that Learning Management system or (LMS) “has all the essential tools schools need  in order to support efficient teaching and learning.”  (   Also, LMS is an online education that provides a large and indispensable set of features to support education activities such as classroom learning, distance education and continuing education. Many people may ask who is LSM made for?  The answer is: It’s suited for K-12, higher education institutions, and other educational organizations.  Typical users include teachers, students, administrators, and other faculty members as well as parents.  

Extended school shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have posed certain restrictions on traditional teaching methods; forcing schools to confront existing technological shortcomings. The economic collapse due to nationwide lockdowns has forced schools to revisit their annual budgets. The schools find themselves encased in challenges that should be wisely confronted for the seamless conveyance of online education.

As a teacher working during COVID, I have created a new learning management system.  My professional learning is either hosted on a different platform or conducted in person with notes shared thru email. It’s more common than people think, but separating the educator professional learning (PL) experience from the student learning experience can actually have a negative impact on both parties’ experiences in the long run.


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